"I will not leave you as orphans..." - John 14:18

Monday, April 30, 2012

April Waitlist Numbers

It's that time again! Waitlist numbers! 

Here they are:
January - 53 
February - 50
March - 45
April - 44

January - 44
February - 40
March - 37
April - 35

January - 18
February - 18
March - 15
April - 14

A funny thing happens when you're forced to wait for so long. At some point, if you allow Him full reign, God's grace allows you to be at peace with how long it takes for the blessings He's promised. You realize after a while that many unanticipated blessings are showered upon you in your times of wait. 

Oftentimes, when we're faced with a season of wait, we feel this tension between reaching the endpoint and being satisfied with where we're at.  Once we're certain that God is calling us to embark on a certain journey, it's difficult to wait for what's to come, but it's during these times that God is working. 

Our waiting rooms are NOT a waste.  It's a time of preparation. It's a time of growth. It's a time to sit back and simply watch God work all things according to His purpose. And that's a beautiful place to be. I love seeing Jesus work! It blows my mind. Time and time again. And work He does. He is faithful to bring forth that which He promises. Even though I now find myself to be at peace in our wait, I still look forward with joy to the time when we get to see the fruit of our journey. To the time when we get to gaze, once and for all, into the eyes of our new little one(s)!  Oh, what a day that will be.

As mentioned in our last post, we broke our camera, BUT we've been able to get some pics even though we hadn't had a camera for a while.  My mom took some and then Travis' parents gave us one of their old cameras! Thanks Mom, John, and Sue!!  Here's what we've been up to:

Skiing with Grandma, Grandpa Gary, and cousins...


Cute pic...

 OK. This deserves a bit of attention.  The girls built a marshmallow/frosting castle and then used a homemade catapult armed with Trix to knock it down.  Good times...

 Avery's picture of her holding our twin babies from Ethiopia...

And finally, I don't have a picture of this BUT my braces are OFF!  Thanks again to Travis' dad, John! Pictures will follow...

We pray that this finds you well and that you are immersed in the grace and blessings of God! Until next time...


  1. So encouraging to see your faith in times of wait. I am excited and anxious for the day you bring your little ones home as well!

  2. Thanks, Ashleigh! Can't wait to meet your new little one as well!