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Friday, February 10, 2012

January Waitlist Numbers {A bit late}

January came and went, didn't it?!?  Time just flew by, so here we are posting our update a bit late. Additionally, we just found out that we are now going to be getting our updated numbers at the end of each month, so our posts will reflect that change from here on out.

One additional change to our adoption journey is that we've prayerfully decided to expand our sibling referral perimeters from 0-12 months at the time of referral to 0-24 months, which includes the possibility of bringing home an older child as old as 2 1/2 (by the time of finalization), or it could mean that we'd still be open to the twin infant option as well.  This change was just put into place this week, so we'll see what God has planned for us!

We have received so much love and support from those around us, and we feel so blessed and are so thankful for all of you!!!  Many of you have been asking us how our adoption is going.  In these questions, we're sensing that many of you are just as anxious as we are to see all of our efforts come to fruition in bringing our child(ren) home SOON.  Yet, while this is our heart's desire, we also understand that it will all happen in God's timing, and we continue to pray for peace with how long our adoption journey will take despite our anticipation of the day we will finally be able to bring them home.  All the while, God remains faithful, and continues to provide us with a sense that it's all unfolding just as He has planned, which is comforting!

At this point, everything is moving forward in very positive direction, but it's simply a slow process due to many factors, many of which have to do with both the Ethiopian and US governments taking additional measures (as of last March) to ensure that everything's done on the "up and up," so to speak, and that each child adopted is served in the best way possible.  As you can imagine, with two world governments involved, it can take some time to get everything in place.

That's what's going on on the adoption front, so without further adieu, here are January's waitlist numbers:

October - 59
November - 59
December - 56
January - 53

October - 46
November - 47
December - 44
January - 44

October - 20
November - 22
December - 19
January - 18 

Here's what we've been up to since our last update...

Eating ice cream at our local Swensen's as a reward for each of the girls reading their 100th book!

Making sock puppets {thanks Angel!}...


Violin lessons from Daddy...

New shared room!!!  We came across an amazing deal on this bunk bed, so the girls moved in together as we make room for our new addition(s)...

 New Year's Eve Celebration...

Grayeagle condo weekend with some of our closest friends...

Good times!  And many more to come...  Hopefully, with another little one {or two} in tow!!!

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