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Monday, June 13, 2011

June Waitlist Numbers

It's that time again...

Here they are:

April - 93
May - 81
June - 81

April - 73
May - 64
June - 62

April - 41
May - 34
June - 35 (due to other families changing the parameters of the child they'll adopt)

To read more about what these numbers mean, click here.  

Another month down, and that much closer to the day we bring home our new child(ren)!!  Oh, how we long for that day!! 

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers!

Here's a short exert from a recent update from our agency pertaining to our wait...  
Last month we also assured you we would be keeping you posted on the movement with our AGCI cases as we wait and watch for possible changes.  Below are a few quick snapshots of the program to help keep you in the loop.

Current Wait Times:
As we shared with you all last month, we are preparing families at this time for a wait time of up to 18 months.  Our most recently placed families with parameters of all age ranges waited about 12 months to be referred. A great deal of the extension on this timeline is attributed to the unknown timelines we may see with the court process moving forward and then also the additional follow up investigation and detail poured into every child’s process before they are able to be referred to their forever family and begin the official adoption process.
Court Update:
·         We had 21 AGCI cases approved at court in the second half of May. 
·         14 of these approved court cases were submitted prior to the March 8, 2011 deadline     set by MOWA.  7 of these approved court cases were submitted after the March 8, 2011 deadline.
·         We were assigned 7 new court appointments during the last few weeks of May.
·         We currently have one court case pending the MOWA approval letter.  Please note that this delay is not abnormal for us. We have had many cases in our program’s history where the letter from the ministry was not available on the originally scheduled court date. Of course, we will keep you updated if we start to experience abnormal timelines with this sort of delay.
·         We continue to hear that MOWA has implemented their new policy of reviewing 5 cases a day, but are still waiting and watching to see how this may impact cases, if this policy will remain in effect, if so for how long, and to what degree our cases will be delayed.

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